Taking a picture of a painting” 2019 , 60cm x 50cm, pigments mix on canvas


A White Head between Arambula’s things, oscar’s hammer and my beer” 2019
120 x 80cm
pigments mix on cotton


Guitalele and brushes” 2019, 85cm x 50cm. pigments mix on cotton


“Big Fruits” 2018
pigments on cotton
130 x 180cm


“Objects” 2018

acrylic on canvas
30cm x 40cm


“Glass of water and books” 2018
acrylic on canvas
60cm x 50cm


“Hand with reflecting sphere near dying flower and a comb” 2018
acrylic on canvas
50cm x 60cm


“Today we are having a good connection” 2017
50cm x 100cm
acrylic on canvas


“Staying Alive” 2016
120cm x 200cm
pigments with acrylic medium on green bed sheet





“Still life near the window” 2017
50cm x 60cm
acrylic on canvas





“Still Life” 2017
acrylic on canvas
18cm x 25cm